I'm pretty new to the Blythe community because I've been only privately collecting Blythe dolls.  I have been collecting them since the mid 2000 and always admired the works of the amazing custom doll artists.

It took me awhile until I actively got into customizing dolls myself. But I really come to love expressing a narrative through making a custom doll.

I hope you can hear a story through my dolls and also write a new one for them if you do end up adopting them!

Personally I've always loved painting and making things with my hands. I would call myself a collector of hobbies!

I especially enjoy knitting, polymer clay crafts, and water colour. I studied fashion design and graphic design back in college, so I also enjoy making human clothes and websites!

The brand Petite Putti has a meaning of "Small Cherubs" and it symbolized the tiny angels the dolls are. The logo is made of two tiny cupids with arrows! I hope you enjoy your stay on my "boutique" online :)

Thank you XOXO,

Amy from Petite Putti